Tea Ceremony


What is the point of a Tea Ceremony on the wedding day?

  • The tea ceremony is a tradition to thank the parents

  • The door games are designed to test the groom's sincerity and patience

  • Pay your respect to the traditions, culture, and heritage of the past

  • If you believe in spirits, the noise from the celebration scares away the evil spirits

  • You get to wear beautiful traditional gown and the bride gets to wear a headful of gold jewels

  • And you get to Relax! And drink tea!

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Why involve me at your tea Ceremony?

As you are planning your wedding day schedule, decide on whether you want a full tea ceremony (with door games and travelling between the two family homes) or just a simplified tea service to both parents. This will determine the duration of the event, and also the timings you must set to complete each formalities.

If your tea ceremony have a tight schedule, inexperienced helpers, have many guests to "crowd control", as well as the need to manage the flow and atmosphere; my comprehensive tea service would be great value for you. But if you are just after a simplified tea service, please contact me to discuss the details, so that I can work out some of the options available to you.

Point of difference

Often tea ceremony door games are not personalised, and people have forgotten the true reason for this tradition. The day of the Chinese tea ceremony is meant to be meaningful, symbolic and touching. And this is where I come in to show you all the possibilities. My professional tea ceremony service includes helping to design personalised and creative games, facilitating the door games on the day, and ensuring that they're atmospheric, photogenic and memorable.

I am sure that my clients whose tea ceremonies had been styled by me would all agree, a properly styled and professionally conducted Chinese tea ceremony really adds to the festivities of the day. Every angle the photographer may capture is decorated and every moment of the ceremony is meaningful and fun at the same time. I come to your place with my kit to style and conduct this ceremony, it really can be hassle free! There really is no better way to start the wedding day.

I truly enjoy bringing traditions into modern weddings for each couple, where even their friends and relatives can learn to appreciate the meaning behind their tradition and celebrate their union.

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