Hello, My name is Nikki

Photo: Chilton Zhang (Vision Free)

Photo: Chilton Zhang (Vision Free)

I was born to a loving family in Shanghai, China. When I was 11, my parents and I migrated to Australia, and started a new culture experience in Melbourne. Now I live in Sydney to complete my masters in Fine Arts.

I was always actively involved in music and events in university, and can speak both Chinese and English fluently. So when people started getting married, they would ask me (on separate occasions) to be their singer, bridesmaid, helper and even MC! Being able to support my friends through their big day gave me a great sense of accomplishment, I am definitely externally motivated, which means it makes me feel good when I can help the others!! And it wasn’t long until this became a job!

I am passionate about sharing my expertise and knowledge in events and have a good understanding of how each stakeholder comes to play in every production. Other professionals in this trade that I have worked with enjoys working with me, and my clients have always been impressed with the quality of my service, natural and elegant style and my clear and accent neutral narratives.

You might be thinking of course I’d only tell you the success stories, the truth is, there are so many things that can go wrong during each event! From late arrival of the bride and groom due to bogged car, microphone out of battery, wrong music track, noisy guests during speech, dry ice machine not ready for the first dance. All that is just a part of live events, so it’s no big deal; I just happily roll with it because my style is quite relaxed. During that time communication is extremely important, most of the suppliers on the job would understand so we just work together to ensure that we have a solution, and getting to know my couples so personally means that by then I know exactly how to put them at ease.